Sandy Hook Shooting Victims' Families to Receive $73 million in Settlement With Gunmaker Remington

The families of the victims in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting wherein five children and four adults were killed, has agreed to a $73 million settlement of liability claims with the gun-making company Remington on Tuesday, February 15, 2022. According to BBC reports, it is the first time a gun-making company has been held responsible for a mass shooting in the United States.

In their lawsuit, the families of the elementary school shooting victims argued that Remington was negligent as it marketed its weapons to high-risk and potentially unstable customers such as Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter.

BBC reports further suggests that the details of the settlement were not disclosed in court documents filed Tuesday, however, Josh Koskoff, the attorney representing the families of the five adults and four children, who were shot dead, revealed that Remington settled for $73 million.

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Reportedly, the attorney in an official statement has said that it's hard to imagine a better outcome for the victims' families, who according to Koskoff have been focused on "preventing the next Sandy Hook".

Koskoff's statement following the settlement also included testimony from the victims' relatives. "Our loss is irreversible, in the sense this outcome is neither redemptive nor restorative," said Lenny Pozner and Veronique De la Rosa, who lost their son Noah, 6, in the attack.

"What is lost remains lost," the statement further read. "However, the resolution does provide a measure of accountability in an industry that has thus far operated with impunity."

Reports further reveal that no new national gun control laws were passed despite the death of children and teachers in the wake of 2012 Sandy Hook shooting.