Samsung's upcoming camera sensor may put iPhone X to shame

A recent report suggests that Samsun's new super fast camera sensor will go for mass production as soon as this November

According to a recent report by etnews, Samsung has managed to develop a new image sensor that is capable of capturing up to 1,000 frames per second (fps). The sensor is scheduled to go for mass production in November. It will even be faster than Apple's iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X, which are capable of shooting at 240 fps speed.

If Samsung actually pulls this through, this technology will take the Samsung's camera performance to a whole new level altogether. At such a speed, mentioned above, this new Samsung sensor will allow for 40x slow motion video capture, according to Forbes.

As stated Forbes, Samsung's sensor includes three-layer design with logic processing and fast memory built into the chip. In case of the new sensor, Samsung adds on-chip memory, which enables the sensor to store the video data at such a high speed that it gets saved locally before the camera app of the device saves it. However, it will also limit the maximum duration of the slow-motion video by the amount of memory that is built into the sensor. Therefore, it's more likely that the slow-motion video will not span for more than a few seconds.

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As per the etnews report, it's simply Samsung's way to avoid infringing Sony's patent. Sony also uses a three-layer chip in the sensor. However, in this case, the memory is attached to the back structure of an existing two-layer sensor design instead of being placed between the image sensor and logic components.

It is expected that Samsung's new sensor will make its debut with the company's next-generation Galaxy smartphones.