Samsung updates Bixby apps globally, but Bixby Voice still not operational

Samsung's global update for Bixby apps causes confusion to users.

bixby voice global launching
Bixby Voice is Samsung's smart voice assistant. Samsung

Samsung has finally started to release updates to some Bixby apps in international markets, an expected move in preparation for the global release of Bixby Voice. Unfortunately, the move stirs confusion among users as the voice assistant remains nonoperational.

Samsung is rolling out updates to a couple of Bixby apps in multiple countries, including UK, Germany, South Africa, the Netherlands and India. Some of the updated apps include Bixby, Bixby PLM, Bixby Wakeup, Bixby Global Action and Bixby Dictation, which are all significant in making Bixby Voice fully functional.

The update is part of a preparation for the global release of Bixby Voice. Unfortunately, some Samsung device owners who are anticipating for Bixby Voice to arrive have been confused by the said update. Bixby Voice smart assistant itself has not been activated yet.

Amid the update, Bixby Voice remains to be disabled in said countries. As of now, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge users in South Korea and the US are the privileged ones who get to enjoy what intelligent assistant has to offer.

A Samsung Galaxy S8 user from the UK was confused to have loaded updates for Bixby but cannot use it despite the update telling him that the "voice should work". Caught in confusion, he took to Twitter to ask the support page of Samsung regarding the concern.

In response, Samsung confirmed that Bixby Voice is not yet operational in the country.

Samsung has not confirmed as of now when exactly the international launch will commence. Meanwhile, lots of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge users are disappointed about the manufacturer's ambiguous plans and turtle-slow progress for Bixby Voice.

This article was first published on August 19, 2017
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