Samsung introduces 512GB internal storage in its phones now, gigantic one on cards for Galaxy S9


Lets go digital

South Korean mobile manufacturer Samsung is all set to introduce 512GB internal storage chips in its phones. The company, on Tuesday, announced that it has started producing industry's biggest mass storage solution, and this revelation from Samsung clearly indicates that they will introduce this gigantic memory chip on their upcoming smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S9.

Seemingly endless storage

Modern-day high-end smartphones come with an internal storage of 128 GB and 256 GB, but now, Samsung's new 512 GB chip offers double and quadruple internal memory when compared to these devices. The Company revealed that the new 512GB chip consists of eight 64-layered V-NAND chips.

Interestingly, the increased storage space will not have any negative impact on the physical space. As per reports, this new 512GB internal memory chip takes exactly the same amount of physical space like Samsung's 256GB chip.

Unending benefits

Even though most of the Android phones offer expandable storage via external memory chips, large internal memory has its own unique benefits. According to Samsung, the internal memory in their devices makes them eight times faster when compared to an external SD card.

The company also revealed that the newly introduced 512GB chip allows the device to read data at a speed of 860MB per second, while writing can be completed at a rate of 255MB per second.

As more and more advanced applications get introduced in the world of technology, the increase in internal memory will surely emerge beneficial for the smooth operation of devices which are loaded with apps. It also allows the user to store a considerable number of 4K HD videos.