Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will launch in Q2 this year; will bring along S Pen stylus

Samsung Galaxy Fold set to hit stores in late April 2019.Samsung Mobile Press
Samsung Galaxy Fold set to hit stores in late April 2019. Samsung Mobile Press

Samsung announced the world's first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, in February 2019 and after a bad start and initial delays owing to the phone's fragile display, the company finally made the phone available to the public in October last year. Now, Samsung is all set to announce its second foldable smartphone called the Galaxy Z Flip alongside the Galaxy S20 series at this year's Unpacked event on February 11 in San Francisco.

However, the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip, which was previously rumored to be the anticipated Galaxy Fold 2, isn't going to be a true successor to the Galaxy Fold because it will come with a vertically folding clamshell form factor unlike the Galaxy Fold and pack mid-range specs. So what about the true successor to the Galaxy Fold – the Galaxy Fold 2? Is it going to happen? Well, the latest leak by Max Weinbach suggests it will.

The leaker's tweet claims the Galaxy Fold successor will come in Q2 2020. According to the leaker, Samsung has kept the true successor to the Galaxy Fold with top-of-the-line hardware and specs for launch in the second quarter of this year.

Max tweeted that he got information from Samsung that it will likely be launching the "true Galaxy Fold" successor in Q2 this year.

Galaxy Fold 2 will have top-of-the-line hardware

Also from the tweet, it looks like Samsung will go all out with the probable specs of the purported Galaxy Fold 2, packing it with an 8-inch foldable AMOLED display, 108MP and the latest and greatest 5G-enabled Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset which will be paired to an X55 5G modem, meaning that the phone will support 5G.

There are no details, however, as to exactly how many cameras the Galaxy Fold 2 would have, except for the fact that it will have a 108MP sensor which will probably be the same as the one on the upcoming Galaxy S20 Ultra. The Galaxy Fold had a total of six cameras and it will be interesting to see if Samsung sticks to the same number of cameras or if it has other plans.

The 8-inch display claim is in tune with the Galaxy Fold's 7-inch screen real estate and so is the Snapdragon 865, since the Galaxy Fold had cutting edge hardware on its successor.

S Pen with a foldable smartphone?

The Galaxy Fold successor will also likely come with Samsung's Ultra Thin Glass, which is rumored to debut on the Galaxy Z Flip. But what's more interesting though, is the mention of an S Pen in Max's tweet.

Apparently, Samsung will equip the Galaxy Fold 2 with an S Pen stylus which isn't a bad idea at all. In fact, it will be quite a useful addition especially if you consider all the things that you could do on the 8-inch foldable display with an S Pen. We actually would have liked the S Pen integration on the original Galaxy Fold too, but mostly because it had a plastic screen Samsung didn't think it was a good idea to give an S Pen with that one. In fact, you can leave marks on the Galaxy Fold's display with just your nails.

But since the Galaxy Fold successor will have an ultra thin glass on top, it will be more resistant to scratches and marks and thus Samsung may include the S Pen with the phablet. Stay tuned for more updates.

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