Samsung creating app to prevent texting while driving

The app works depending on the phone's sensor and GPS and replies with a preset message to the incoming texts


We all know that texting, while driving is not right, but many of us still indulge into doing so and that sometimes leads to fatal accidents. Samsung has come up with a solution to avoid texting while driving and also to reply back to an important message at the same time.

The South Korean tech giant is currently working on developing a new app that will be able to respond to text messages on users' behalf when they are driving., reported Mashable.

The app works using the phone's sensor and GPS to detect if are in a moving car or bike and replies with a preset message to the incoming texts.

The app for now has two options of preset replies that the users can choose from. One is the default message that reads, "I'm driving, so I cannot answer at the moment" and the other one is said to be a fun response along with some animation. The app is currently being beta tested at Netherlands.

After its full-fledged launch, Samsung will incorporate the ability to customize a message other than using the default options.

The company hasn't explained how the app would distinguish between drivers and passengers, for instance. But, even the relatively simple functionality could go a long way toward preventing texting and driving.