Sam Okyere blasts Hong Hyun Hee's blackface comedy skit

Sam Okyere criticized the show on Instagram.

Sam Okyere
Sam Okyere is unhappy with Hong Hyun Hee's blackface comedy skit on SBS Facebook/Sam-Okyere

Ghanaian television personality Sam Okyere criticized Hong Hyun Hee for her blackface skit on SBS show, People Searching For Laughter. The 24-year-old artist took to Instagram to slam the show.

The 35-year-old actress was seen in dark make-up, braids and thick lips. He wrote: "Black face in 2017. I just want to say this is NOT acceptable!!!!! We are not for comic purposes. This should stop now!!!!! I'm highly disappointed. NO MORE BLACKFACE!!! Or any sort of discrimination against any group or race."

"All the prejudices, racial discrimination, colorism should stop with immediate effect. Let's stop this!!!!" he added.

Previously, during a talk show As You Say, Okyere opened up about the racism in the country. He said: "The Korean word that I loved the most since I started learning Korean after coming to South Korea in 2009 was 'Woori' (meaning 'We'). But I wonder if 'woori' applies to someone like me of color."

He added: "When I tell people that I'm from Africa, I get a lot of startling questions like, 'Do you grow a lion at your house?' I get it so often that now I just respond by saying that my father has two lions. That's how much Koreans are unknowledgeable about Black people and Africa."

Okyere also spoke candidly about racial discrimination. He said: "Often, people in Korea call me 'Black Hyung'. I want people to call me Okyere hyung comfortably, or Okyere dongsaeng, or just Okyere without referring to my skin color."