Salvador Ramos: Harrowing New Footage Shows Shirtless Texas School Shooter in Video Call with German Girl on Yubo Sharing His Massacre Plans

Ramos, 18, used Yubo, a social network where users may create video live streams with up to ten pals, to communicate with the German girl.

Texas school shooter Salvador Ramos made two chilling live streams – one of them while shirtless – with a German girl he met on social media, in which he shared with her his bizarre murder plot at the Robb Elementary school. Ramos, reportedly, met the girl on social media site Yubo and then made the two chilling Face Time calls.

The revelation was made on Friday after Yubo told publications like CNN and The Sun that it was investigating an account that had been taken down from the platform - and was sharing information with cops. Ramos slaughtered 19 students and two teachers on Tuesday after entering Robb Elementary School in Uvalde before he was shot dead by cops.

Sharing His Dark Plans

Salvador Ramos shirtless
Salvador Ramos seen shirtless during the Yubo video call Twitter

Ramos, 18, used Yubo, a social network where users may create video live streams with up to ten pals, to communicate with the German girl. After using Face Time calls with her, he shared his plans with her.

In the first photograph, Ramos was caught on camera posing with his shirt off in a call to CeCe, the girl he met on the social media site Yubo.

In another set of fresh photographs obtained by CNN, Ramos is seen photographing him while wearing a face mask and holding the phone beneath his chin.

Salvador Ramos' new image
Salvador Ramos in a short video clip with his mask on Twitter

The messages, shared with The Sun also appear to give an impression that Ramos was an incel. In one of the messages, he told one teen who had rejected him: "You're going to regret not doing what I say" then in another he said: "Go jump off a bridge".

The female Yubo user told The Sun: "He would tell people to lock their doors, don't show up to school tomorrow, just classic s**t that creeps on the internet say. I never knew it would manifest into this. The threats were mostly toward women in response to them rejecting him."

Salvador Ramos on Yubo
Salvador Ramos on Yubo Twitter

"He would threaten to rape girls, he would always say he had the power to make us go missing, it was honestly just typical stuff you hear on apps like Yubo & Discord etc, just creeps you have to ignore," she added.

Ramos' actions are similar to those of guys who hold incel beliefs, a twisted internet subculture that promotes the sexist notion that men have the right to have sex with women.

Strange Mindset

Salvador Ramos
Salvador Ramos Twitter

Ramos, who killed his own grandmother before murdering everyone in his path at the school, was also anti-gay and racist, according to the teen Yubo user, who used the platform to broadcast hate-filled live streams.

"He was an extremely homophobic, transphobic and racist individual which of course resulted in him using slurs and he openly admitted his homophobia multiple times," she said.

"He had a video in his profile with the caption 'When the teacher doesn't let me use the bathroom' and the man in the video goes on to use degrading language against black people."

Understandably, Ramos had a typical mindset and maybe had mental health issues, which went undetected.

He chatted with the same girl and sent her messages minutes before going on the killing spree. However, it happened so fast that the tragedy couldn't be prevented.

On the day of the slaughter, Ramos texted CeCe on Yubo, telling her that he'd just shot his grandmother Celia and that "Ima go shoot up a elementary school rn."

Salvador Ramos entering school
An armed Salvador Ramos seen entering the school with guns in hand Twitter

Before being shot dead, Ramos carried out the plot, killing 19 young students and two female teachers at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas. Just weeks before the massacre, Ramos threatened to rape females he met on Yubo and warned he would fire up schools.

The three teenage users, who shared the messages with many news sites, said they didn't think Ramos' threats were serious until the news of Tuesday's massacre broke.

Salvador Ramos

They also informed the app's support service about Ramos' threats, which included a series of messages from the gunman threatening sexual violence and school shootings. However, Ramos was still allowed to keep his profile active on the network.

CeCe, the German girl, who he last spoke to before the massacre, claims that Ramos told her on the app 15 minutes before that he was going to shoot at Robb Elementary School. Screenshots of the couple's contact, provided to CNN by the girl, show they were messaging shortly after 11:01 a.m. CT, less than a half-hour before the carnage began.

"Ima tell you [right now] hold on" he wrote at 11:08am. That was the first message. He then wrote "Waiting for this b****," referring to his grandmother, Cecilia Gonzalez. Following text messages sent by Ramos reveal that he was annoyed with his grandmother, who called AT&T to discuss the teen's phone bill.

Salvador Ramos
Salvador Ramos in a selfie he shared on Instagram and a screenshot of the text messages he sent to the woman. Instagram

This led to an argument and he shot her in the head. "I just shot my grandma in her head" he wrote a few minutes later. "Ima go shoot up a elementary school [right now]," his last sent text read.

"I just saw the news..." Cece responded exactly three hours later.

The girl later told CNN that she had reported the threatening texts to US officials, but that she did not believe Ramos was capable of carrying out his threats. The girl, who lives in Frankfurt, said she met Ramos on May 9 and began conversing with him.

Ramos guns
The two guns Ramos bought on his 18th birthday, which he announced on Instagram Twitter

In videos and text messages examined by CNN, Ramos allegedly sent the girl selfie videos, tried to FaceTime her, and mentioned his plans to visit her in Europe in the future. According to reports, Ramos even emailed a screenshot of a Google flight itinerary from San Antonio, around 80 miles from the teen's grandmother's home.

However, Cece is now shocked about the entire thing but at the same time has realized how making friends on social media comes with an element of risk.