Salma Hayek reveals that she was asked to 'act dumber'

The 53-year-old star also spoke about her initial interactions with directors in an interview recently

Frida star Salma Hayek has revealed that she was asked by directors to "sound dumber and speak faster" throughout her career.

The 53-year-old star said in an interview with Total Film magazine that her Polish teacher served as an inspiration during her growing years in Mexico. She also spoke about her initial interactions with directors.

Inspired by her teacher

"I had a Polish acting teacher in Mexico, and he taught me so many wonderful things aside from acting. You could never miss a class. One time, one of the people in the class didn't come and showed up after three days with a paper from the doctor. He came over to him and said, 'Is that your death certificate?' He said, 'No'. And he said, 'You can walk out and never come back'," she recalled, according to Female First.

Salma Hayek Cannes 2010
Salma Hayek C Wikipedia Commons

The actress continued: "If you're doing theatre, will you go to the audience and say you were sick? You were not sick enough. If you were in the hospital, I'd understand. But two days in bed ... don't show up with that paper to my class. This is not a joke. You are either committed to this class or you don't belong here."

Unable to put all lessons into action

The Like a Boss actress started her career in Mexican serial Teresa in 1989. The actress says she hasn't been able to put the lessons into practice much during her career. She went on to narrate an incident when was instructed to dumb herself down.

She said: "Unfortunately, I never had a lot of chances to do parts where I could use a lot of the things I learned. Or you learn them and they don't let you. I've had directors say to me, 'Dumber and faster. Sound dumber and speak faster!"

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