Ryback reveals his approach towards The Undertaker-Sting match

Ryback reveals his approach towards The Undertaker-Sting match

Ryback has an idea to bring The Undertaker and Sting together for a match. The Big Guy has discussed about the dream match in his latest podcast where he reveals his approach towards bringing the two legends at WrestleMania.

Ryback Prefers Tag Team Match
Instead of them facing each other in a single's match, he wants them to unite in a tag team match. That is because he is unwilling to stress them in the ring considering their age. "What I do think WWE should do is that if they tease that they are going to do it and have the encounter in the ring and I think let those two tag up together for one last match possibly against two young guys. That is the best-case scenario. Do not put that stress on those two at their age to go out there – we have already seen what happens with two guys [that age]," WWE Inc quotes him as saying in the podcast.

The Undertaker
The Undertaker. WWE

Taker vs Goldberg
The Undertaker had taken on Goldberg at Super Showdown in 2019 in Saudi Arabia. It was a dream match for the fans which had a botched finish as both the wrestlers apparently made mistakes with their moves. Indeed, the latter suffered a concussion. Not just wrestlers, WWE came under severe criticism for putting them in the main event.

This match seems to have become an example for Ryback, who seems to be unwilling to take a chance by putting the aged stars like Sting and The Undertaker in the ring again in a single's match. While Sting played his last match four years ago, Taker makes occasional appearances.

"I think the Sting and Undertaker match is a little different than the Undertaker vs Bill Goldberg match. We have seen what can go wrong with that and nobody wants to see that with those two. But I think if you give them two smaller young guys and let them have the entrances and have those two teaming together for one last WrestleMania, I think that is a very awesome magical moment. It will give us the best chance to have a decent match and preserve everything with their legacy," Ryback adds.

For two decades, the fans have been wanting The Undertaker to take on Sting. Even the latter has expressed his desire to face the Deadman on a numerous of occasions.