Ryan Reynolds getting close to Deadpool co-star Brianna Hildebran: Should Blake Lively worry?

Reynolds and Lively have been together since 2011.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Reuters

Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds and American actress/model Blake Lively are hit by reports that their marriage is in trouble. The 40-year-old actor is rumoured to be getting close with Deadpool co-star Brianna Hildebran.

An alleged source told OK!: "People can't help noticing how much time he spends talking to her on the sidelines. He insists it's totally innocent and that he's just invested in her career."

"She's very young and inexperienced, and she's admitted to having a huge crush on Ryan before she even met him. Ryan is said helping pick her for the role in the first Deadpool and is totally blown away by her work."

"Ryan is also in Brianna's ear about moving and advancing her career. He's encouraged her to move to Hollywood full time .He has been giving her advice on building her career" as Brianna "is just starting to get more roles," the insider added. "People hope he doesn't go too far and land in hot water with Blake."

Reynolds and Lively, who have always stayed tight lipped about their relationship, started dating while filming the Green Lantern in 2011. The two got married in a private ceremony the following year. The Hollywood couple have two children together as well.

During an interview with Variety, Reynolds praised Lively for supporting him through the difficult period. He said: "Blake helped me through that. I'm lucky to have her around just to keep me sane."

Meanwhile, Lively thanked Reynolds during her speech at the 2017 People's Choice Awards held at the Microsoft Theater on January 18 in Los Angeles. She said: "Thank you to my husband [Ryan Reynolds], who is everything to me. You can't have him! He's mine!"