Russia's Doomsday Nuclear Attack Drill: Putin Orders Kremlin Officials to Execute Evacuation Plan

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his staffers to execute a nuclear war evacuation drill, according to media reports. The development comes at a time when Moscow is bombarding Ukraine, devastating the country and forcing millions to flee.

It is being claimed that Putin is highly depressed and has been alone for weeks. The Russian President is expressing his anger at his close ones as he is very "depressed", according to sources.

Putin speech cut-off
Vladimir Putin Twitter

Putin Has Limited Contacts Even With Family Members

"He has no deep conversations with almost anyone, and limited contact even with his children - not only his [adult] daughters but also his [undisclosed] children with [Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast, 38] Alina Kabaeva," reported The Mirror, citing the source.

The western intelligence has echoed its assertions over Putin's supposed health issues and verified the information given by the source, a Telegram channel linked to an ex-Kremlin intelligence who has contacts in Putin's inner circle.

Putin at the Moscow stadium
Vladimir Putin Twitter

Senior political figures were warned on behalf of the president that, perhaps in the near future, they will participate in practicing evacuation in case of a nuclear war, said channel General SVR in a recent post.

Kremlin Staffers Concerned

The warning surprised the officials and staffers and made them about this initiative of Putin. However, without opposing, all of the staffers confirmed their readiness to participate in the drill.

Russian President's inner circle is alarmed due to his mental state at the time of war. According to the post, Putin ordering nuclear evacuation drill must be taken seriously especially as the Russian President suffers from many diseases which lead to mental disorders.

"When Vladimir Putin, who suffers from oncology, Parkinson's disease and schizoaffective disorder, invites members of the government and the heads of the State Duma and the Federation Council [the lower and upper houses of parliament] to take part in preparing for evacuation in case of a nuclear war becomes not fun at all," said the post. However, Kremlin had rejected reports regarding his health condition.