Russian Soldiers Kidnap Indian Girl Students After They Tried to Escape Kyiv? Student's Chilling Account Rattles Many

An Indian student's appeal on social media to be rescued from the war-torn Ukraine has sounded alarm bells after she claimed that Russian soldiers are kidnapping Indian girls. Garima Mishra, a student hailing from the Indian city of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, said she is stuck in Kyiv and surrounded by Russian soldiers.

In its latest advisory, the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has advised the Indian students stuck in Ukraine to move towards the western side of the country and stay in nearby towns and not reach the border directly. Arindam Bagchi, a Foreign Ministry's spokesperson, said that the students should proceed towards the border for crossing into Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Moldova only after coordinating with the authorities.

Garima Mishra
Garima Mishra Twitter

Indian Students Plead For Help

In a video which has gone viral, Mishra identifies herself as an Indian student, said claimed that they are stuck in Kyiv and surrounded by Russian soldiers. The students have been trying to contact the Indian embassy, she says. "No one is helping and I don't know if we will get any help," she said. Mishra also claimed that the place they were staying in was not safe from the intruders who regularly visit the place at night and create ruckus.

Alleging that the Indian girls are being kidnapped while trying to escape, Mishra said that the incident happened with the group of Indian students who were trying to escape Kyiv in a bus. "We were told by our friends that the Russian army first struck and then fired shots at them. Later, the Russian soldiers took away the Indian girls from the group and left the boys back. Nobody knows the whereabouts of the girls," said a weeping Mishra.

Later, the student called upon the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to rescue them from the war-torn country. "Please, please help us. Jai Hind! Jai Bharat! Whoever is watching, please share this video," said Mishra with folded hands.

Post Leaves Social Media Demanding Answers

Even though the authenticity of the claims being made by Mishra could not be verified, it certainly created a havoc on social media with many demanding immediate government intervention.

"I do not know how far this is true that few Indian girls in Ukraine have been abducted by Russian soldiers!!! I cannot verify the authenticity of this claim but if true then the Modi government will earn the wrath of people for failing to rescue early!" tweeted a user.

"Just so you know, there have some Indian girls who were captured by Russian soldiers. You can imagine what will happen to them," read another tweet.

"Make sure the safety & security of IndianStudents in the warzone for the sake of our diplomatic ties. RussianSoldiers allegedly fired at Indian kids and manhandled the girl students which is not sending a good message," expressed another user.

"Stranded Indian students left alone,some girls taken away by Russian soldiers No one knows,where.Indian officials are oblivious of all this,videos sent by Indians are sending reports.Embassy officials have not helped, modi govt silent," read another tweet.