Russian Nuclear Drill Uses Ballistic Missile Launchers; MP Threatens US East Coast Destruction Using Sarmat 2

Russia is holding a nuclear drill in a 'power show' to the world as thousands of troops have lost their lives and a massive amount of their weaponry have been destroyed in the Ukraine war.

The nuclear drills are being held in the Ivanovo province. Nearly 1,000 servicemen are attending the exercise, which is also witnessing the participation of the intercontinental ballistic missile launchers Yars, according to Interfax news agency.

Russia nuclear drill
Russia holds a nuclear drill in Ivanco province amid the Ukraine war.

Servicemen With 100 Vehicles Participating in The Nuke Drill

Servicemen with their 100 vehicles are attempting to warn the world about the possible consequences of acting against Russia.

The chilling nuclear exercise emerged after Russian state media claimed that Moscow could erase the complete East and West coast of the US with just four missiles.

Russia Threatens to Destroy US East, West Coast

Alexei Zhuravlev, a member of the Russian parliament, issued the threat Monday, saying 'there will be nothing left on either coast after strikes using Russia's new Sarmat 2 nuke, and that the mushroom cloud will be 'visible from Mexico, according to Daily Mail.

Russian MP Alexei Zhuravlev Warns to Completely Destroy Ukrainian Cities

The Russian MP also threatened to completely destroy the remaining Ukrainian cities and called the Ukrainians incurable Nazis for opposing the Russians.

The chilling threat to the US emerged after Washington confirmed that it would help Ukraine by supplying rocket systems, a key weapon that has been disastrous to Russia's powerful tanks and armored vehicles.

President Joe Biden, in a guest essay in The New York Times, revealed that his administration has decided to "provide the Ukrainians with more advanced rocket systems and munitions that will enable them to more precisely strike key targets on the battlefield in Ukraine."

Russia Tests New Hypersonic Missile

Days before the nuclear drill, Russia tested its new hypersonic Zircon missile which can strike targets at 1,000 km with nearly a speed of 7,000 mph. The nuclear-capable missile also known as Tsirkon was fired from Admiral Gorshkov's frigate in the Barents Sea.

Russia also showed a video of the testing of the Zircon missile, which will be deployed on frigates and submarines.