Russian Kindergarten Children Dressed Up as Tanks and Jets for Victory Day Parade; Wear Costumes With Z Sign

A video showing kindergarten children dressed up as tanks, fighter jets, military persons and medics for the Victory Day Parade of Russia has gone viral on social media.

The footage highlights some children wearing tank costumes inscribed with "Z" sign, which has become a symbol war propaganda ever since Russia invaded Ukraine.

The act has resulted in sharp criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin who is being labelled as a "crazy autocrat" whose sole aim is to breed hatred, contempt and enmity. Some of his detractors have also compared him to "Adolf Hitler", the most detested dictator.

A large number of Russians have lambasted Putin, holding him responsible for the death of more than 25000 Russian soldiers in the ongoing war with Ukraine.

Kindergarten children dress up as tanks, jets

Is Putin's Army Brainwashing Innocent Children?

The tank costumes of some children were inscribed with "Z" sign, which has become a symbol war propaganda ever since Russia invaded Ukraine.

A cross section of social media followers have accused that by pushing innocent kindergarten children into the so-called victory day parade, Putin has started a new chapter of creating an army of ruthless soldiers. Some have even stated that he is trying to catch these children young, brainwash them and covert them into killing machines.

It is noteworthy that Victory Day falls on May 9 and is one of the most important days in Russia. It is a commemoration of sacrifices made by the Soviet Union in defeating Nazi Germany.

According to the report published by Daily Mail almost 25,000 Russian soldiers have lost lives in the war with Ukraine. People in Russia are criticizing Putin for using Victory Day as an event to mark his army's victories in some parts of Ukraine.

Voicing his resentment against Putin, a twitter user wrote, "What is Putin doing here exactly, creating a race of people that fall to his every whim, believe his lies and hate every other country? #Russia #Russian #Russians Vladimir Putin is the new Adolf Hitler. WAKE UP RUSSIA!"

"Ordered to do it by a delusional terminally ill psycho..... Russian kindergarten children dress up as tanks adorned with a 'Z'" shared another twitter user.

A tweet read, "#Ukraine war: Dozens feared dead after #Russian bomb hits school. On with your Moscow victory parade #Putin. Just hear him now "I led forces that killed dozens of children today" followed by compulsory clapping as seen in all dictatorships. Pathetic!"