Russian Kalibr Cruise Missiles Take Down Huge Arms Depot, Ukraine's 3 SU-25 Fighter Jets Shot Down

Russia has said it has destroyed a huge arms depot in Ukraine that had stored weapons from the US European nations. Cruise missiles were fired into the depot, situated in western Ukraine's Ternopil region, according to Russia's Interfax news agency.

The announcement came even as intense street fighting is underway in the key city of Sievierodonetsk, the capture of which will complete Moscow's total annexation of Donbas.

Fire at Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant
Fire at Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant Reuters

Missiles Fired From Black Sea

The rocket attack on the military depot partially destroyed the structure according to the governor of the Ternopil region. It was reported that the missiles were fired from the Black Sea, targeting the city of Chortkiv. The attack also injured 22 people, the local governor said, according to Reuters.

According to Interfax, Russia used Kalibr cruise missiles to take down the arms depot. Separately, the agency also reported that three Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jets were shot down near Donetsk and Kharkiv.

Ukraine Seeks More Weapons

Ukraine has received billions worth of advanced weapons and ammunition since the start of the war with Russia in late February. Most of the military aid came from the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union. The western weapons have been a key factor in the Ukraine resistance and prolonging the war.

The devastation in Donbas region Twitter

While Ukraine President Vlolodymyr Zelensky says more western weapons will eventually help him tilt the war in favor of Ukraine, Russia has warned the West time and again that they are worsening the prospects of a wider war in the region.

As of the end of May, the US military assistance for Ukraine stood at $4.6 billion, while the aid from UK was about £1.3 billion. The European Union also generously contributed to Ukraine's war kitty, with a €2 billion military aid.

Putin's Warning

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that he will strike new targets in Ukraine if Kyiv uses the longer-range missiles supplied by the West. However, Ukraine has requested the West to funnel more funds and send more military equipment as it is waging a seemingly losing battle in the East of the country.

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The Governor of Luhansk, Serhiy Gaidai, has said Russian forces have captured most of the city of Sievierodonetsk. The Ukrainian troops are in control of an industrial area and chemical plant, the official said..

"No one can say whether and how many victims there have been in the last 24 hours in Sievierodonetsk, where intense fighting continues ... Everyone wants to evacuate now, probably, but so far there is no such possibility," ," Gaidai said on the Telegram messaging app, according to Reuters.