Russia Lacks Assault Rifles; Video Shows Reservists Being Given RUSTY Kalashnikov (WATCH)

Russia appears to have lacked assault rifles amid the Ukraine war as reservists are now being given rusty rifles. Multiple videos appeared on the internet show a bunch of rusty Kalashnikov being handed to mobilized forces in Russia.

Civilian recruits who were given firearms in eastern Russia's Primorsky military store are seen unhappy with their weapons. "It's the tank boys who were given this c*** [rusty Kalashnikovs]," a conscript is heard saying.

Rusty Kalashnikov
Rusty Kalashnikov Twitter

Rusty Kalashnikovs Handed To Conscripts

"You've got tanks, so don't give a **** about the Kalashnikovs," they said. One conscript is heard saying in the video that "These are the machine guns we're getting. F***** up, I'm f****** up.... I won't comment on anything.... I'm shocked."

Commanders Claim Rusty Kalashnikovs Are Good Enough To Fight

Despite the weapons being rusty, commanders of the tank crew told them that the Kalashnikovs were good enough to fight in the war.

The incident has sparked criticism for the Russian Federation with some users on social media claiming that they need to tetenus injections before using these weapons.

Social Media Users Demand Tetanus Boosters For Conscripts

"Give me some tetanus boosters and WD-40 and they're ready for the front," wrote @gummibear737.

"Scraping the bottom of the barrels of weapons as well as military personnel. That'll work out well - for Ukraine," wrote Twitter user @JensKrabbe1.

It came as Putin signed a stricter law on Saturday for those who refuse to fight and try to flee military service.

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered partial mobilization, under which 3,00,000 fighters will be mobilized.

Accusing the West of nuclear blackmail, he threatened a nuclear response if Ukraine continues to try to reclaim territories that are set to hold "referenda" and which he considers historically Russia.

"I'm not bluffing. That's why I asked the ministry of defense to agree to partial mobilization," he said in his recent TV address to the nation that was delayed for hours.

Reports claimed that after nearly 7 miles long queue is formed on Russia's border with Georgia as men are fleeing conscription into the Russian army, according to Daily Express.

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