Republicans Edge Closer to House Majority, Win Key Races in California, Arizona

Republicans are inching closer to the House majority despite losing the Senate control by a thin margin. The GoP is just one seat shy of the 218 seats they need to clinch the control of the House of Representatives. Late on Monday, the GoP was projected to win key races in Arizona and California, bringing them to 217 seats, while the Democrats have so far secured 204 seats.

According to the Associated Press, GOP Rep. David Schweikert is projected to win Arizona's 1st Congressional District, while California's 41st District could be won by Republican Ken Calvert and the 45th District is likely to be won by GoP's Michelle Steel.

US Senate
US Senate

Meanwhile, Democrat Andrea Salinas picked up Oregon's 6th Congressional District.

With about a dozen races still remaining to be decided, the Republicans are well on course to grab the control of the House. In the Senate, the Democrats have won 50 seats and the GoP 49, even as Georgia's Senate race is going into the runoff election to be conducted in December.

Even if the GoP wins the Georgia Senate race, the Democrats will get to control the Senate as Vice-President Kamala Harris could vote alongside the Democrats to break the Senate tie.

Earlier, a crucial victory in Nevada gave the Democrats the control of the US Senate, marking the high point of the 2022 midterm elections. Incumbent Senator Catherine Cortez Masto defeated Republican challenger Adam Laxalt in a nail biting finish, TV networks have said.

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What Republican Control of House Means

A GoP victory in the House of Representative will change the course of the Biden presidency. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has been a thorn on the side of the Republicans will also have to step down. House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy is expected to become the Speaker.

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The conflict between GoP and Democrats over the parliamentary agenda will worsen too. Significantly, the Congressional investigations into Trump over the January 6 riots will lose steam and the former president's path to a White House run will get smoother. At the same time, the GoP will also not be able to call all the shots as they will only have a slim majority.