Real-life mermaid captured on camera baffles experts

YouTube: Now You Know

A video apparently taken from a Puerto Rican water body is now the hottest point of debate among environmentalists and conspiracy theorists. The video uploaded by conspiracy theory channel 'Now You Know' shows a humanoid figure swimming across the water.

"Morales Deby was fun tubing along the Isabela river in Puerto Rico when the bizarre event occurred. Morales and friends were having a good time on the water, so one of them decided to pull out a camera to capture the moment. The footage appears to show a lurking human-like figure making its way to the surface," wrote Now You Know on the video description.

Recently, Daily Star showed this video to popular ghost hunter Barri Ghai. After watching the video, Barry Ghai assured that there is something strange in the video. The ghost hunter also added that the creature in the water definitely looks like a mermaid.

"It is like a dark shape under water. First thing I would think of, I mean it does kind of look like a mermaid. It's a bit freaky. Either they're towing a dead body or there is something that looks humanoid in the water that is chasing them. I have no explanation for this. It honestly does look like something swimming underneath there and chasing after the boat," Barri Ghai told Daily Star.

The video of the bizarre incident has now gone viral on YouTube, and viewers have put forward various theories to explain this eerie sighting. Most of the viewers who watched the video strongly assured that mermaids are not mythical creatures, and they do exist in this world.

"Not sure what to think of what is seen but it looks a person is swimming but real fast underwater with great agility," commented Ruben Salcido, a YouTube user.

"Maybe a ghost. It would cause a wave if it was an object of any mass. Pretty cool though," commented Charlie Webb, another YouTuber.

However, sceptics seem not convinced about the mermaid angle. As per these sceptics, the video is fabricated using advanced camera techniques.

"Could be a person hanging on to a rope to the boat. That's no evidence of a mermaid. The camera went straight to the rear as expecting to see something before it showed up. Nice try tho," commented Robert Garcia, a YouTuber.

This article was first published on August 15, 2018