Ready to try KFC's new fried chicken and doughnut sandwich? Netizens are confused [VIDEOS]

After KFC broke the news, it has caused a firestorm among the netizens with many finding it difficult to accept the sweet and savoury combination

The world's most popular chicken restaurant chain Kentucky Fried Chicken, commonly known as KFC, is known for its crispy chicken sandwiches with over 23,000 restaurants in 140 countries.
On Thursday, February 20, KFC announced that the chain is all set to roll out a new fried chicken trend that had a limited test run in September 2019.

Have you ever thought about getting a sweet alternative to the popular KFC burgers? Surprising many people, the food chain is all set to introduce fried-chicken fillet sandwiched between two glazed doughnuts in its restaurants in the US. The company has announced that the sweet-and-savoury combination is available for $5.49 to $7.99 as a sandwich or in a meal basket from February 24 through March 16 or until supply runs out.

It is also understood that KFC will open a pop-up shop called The Colonel's (Chicken & Donuts Shop) on February 22 from 10 am to 3 pm in Los Angeles just for the day. The shop will only be serving the new item on the menu. The first 50 customers will receive a free Colonel's Dozen, a mix of six extra crispy chicken tenders and six doughnuts.

What's in the basket meal?

KFC fried chicken and doughnut
KFC all set to introduce fried chicken and doughnut in its menu in the US. Facebook

Chicken on the bone or extra crispy chicken tenders with a doughnut. If you need two doughnuts, pick a big basket meal. Customers can add extra doughnuts to any meal for an additional cost.

What's in the sandwich?

It contains a juicy, hand-breaded crispy chicken fillet sandwiched between two glazed doughnuts.

How netizens react?

After the news broke out, it has caused a firestorm among the social media users with many finding it difficult to accept the sweet and savoury combination. However, a few others are eagerly waiting to try out the new item on the menu that had garnered positive response from many food bloggers when it was initially introduced for limited customers in September last year.

Check out how netizens are reacting to the news of KFC's new product:

Pink Lloyd @lloydkile

I didn't even notice that!! The chicken itself looks a whole lot better than anything I've ever got there. I'm also trying to figure out, who is making the donuts? I don't trust KFC with making donuts.
L @_LynGB
I know it's gross of me but I'm curious to know what the KFC donut chicken sandwich tastes like.

Ben Raratabu @ono_matokana

KFC just announced that it'll be rolling out a new chicken sandwich. Chicken between 2 glazed donuts. Hell naw.

Andy Hollenbeck @AndyHollenbeck

Is this really a thing people want? #BringBackTheDoubleDown

chilly @ilyanna_bruno

I don't care I am SMACKING that donut chicken sandwich from KFC and if it's wack I will be highly disappointed

Roy W. @RoyalWubb

Need to try that KFC Fried Chicken Donut Sandwich on Monday

Kara not Car-ah @karacod

KFC: Hmmm, how can we make what we make MORE unhealthy?? Oh, I know! DONUTS! SMH

Millionaire Mark Money with wings @SC_Richie

I might have to try that donut chicken sandwich at kfc smh


Ewww kfc chicken with a donut bread .. disgusting

Chico Bling @secondjit2

Who In the hell would eat a fried chicken and doughnut sandwich... y'all high mfs at kfc need to chill

Take a look at some food bloggers tasting the new KFC doughnut sandwich here: