The rarest of Coronavirus Cases: 'Super-Healthy' Appalachian Student, 19, Dies from Covid-19

The 19-year-old North Carolina student's mother said that if her healthy son can become a victim of COVID-19 then it can happen to anyone

A 19-year-old North Carolina college student died on Monday, September 28 due to Coronavirus related complications, despite his family members described him as "super-healthy."

The victim of Coronavirus is Chad Dorrill, a sophomore at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. He started 'feeling sick' earlier this month when Dorrill was living off-campus and attending online classes, said school Chancellor Sheri Everts in a statement on Tuesday, September 29.

Later, his mother Susan Dorrill asked him to come home, quarantine, and be tested for the COVID-19. As per Everts, the 19-year-old student then tested positive and went into isolation in his home county. After some time he was cleared by his doctors and was allowed to return to Boone. But after his return, Dorrill developed additional health complications. Then he was picked up by his family, and taken to a hospital, said Everts.

Chad Dorrill, 19-year-old Coronavirus victim Twitter

A Rare Case

As per a private Facebook post by his mother, Dorrill did not show any known symptoms of the Coronavirus-caused disease but he was "incredibly tired" for two weeks. She also wrote that "Little did we know [the COVID-19] was secretly attacking his body in a way they have never seen before."

As per doctors, the 19-year-old Dorrill's case was "the rarest" of Coronavirus infection cases. Tonia Maxcy, who is a friend of the COVID-19 victim's family, said that according to doctors they suspected that Dorrill had a previously undetected case of Guillain-Barré syndrome—a condition in which the immune system attacks the nerves and can be triggered by an acute viral or bacterial infection.

Dorrill's mother wrote that "we want to remind people to wear a mask and quarantine if you test positive, even without symptoms. You have no idea who you can come into contact with that the virus affects differently." She also warned that if this can happen to a "super healthy 19-year-old boy" who did not smoke, vape, or do drugs, then it can happen to anyone."

As per Everts, the school has been strictly following precaution measures for students as well as for staff members. These safety protocols include wearing masks or face coverings, maintaining social distance, washing hands, and sanitizing the work stations.

The statement issued by Appalachian State University reads, "The hearts of the entire Appalachian Community are with Chad's family and loved ones during this profoundly difficult and painful time. Tributes shared by friends and loved ones show the positive impact Chad had on the communities he loved and called home, which included App State and Boone."

After his death, a twitter user, who did not know Dorrill personally tweeted that "tell your family and friends you love them, always check up on them, never take a day for granted, and take this pandemic seriously. we've lost too many too soon. every day isn't promised."

19-year-old Coronavirus victim Twitter
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