Rape Suspect Kills Accuser After Being Released from Jail Due to Coronavirus Risk

Ibrahim E. Bouaichi, who was jailed in Virginia in October for the alleged rape of Karla Dominguez, was released in April

A rape suspect who was released from jail due to the coronavirus pandemic went on to kill the woman who accused him of sexual assault, according to police.

Alexandria police claim Ibrahim E. Bouaichi, 33, who was accused of raping Karla Dominguez in October, fatally shot her outside her apartment last month. She was found dead outside her residence with multiple gunshot wounds at around 6.20 a.m. on July 29. Bouaichi was in jail since October since Dominguez accused him of raping her but was released in April on bail over fears of getting infected with coronavirus.

After the shooting, police issued a video news release seeking the public's help in finding Bouaichi, along with a description of the suspect. Two days later, federal marshals and police found him in Prince George's County and a chase ensued, causing the suspect to crash. Police said he shot himself as authorities approached him and were transported to a hospital, where he is currently in critical condition. He now has an added murder charge.

Bouaichi Claimed Dominguez Was His Girlfriend

Ibrahim Bouaichi
Ibrahim Bouaichi Alexandria Police Department

Bouaichi was indicted on rape, strangulation and abduction charges after Dominguez testified that he sexually abused her during a violent incident in October 2019.

Lawyers representing Bouaichi claimed their client and Dominguez were dating and claimed the sex was consensual. In April, when the coronavirus pandemic hit, his lawyers argued that he should be freed while awaiting trial because the virus endangered both inmates and their attorneys.

Circuit Court Judge Nolan Dawkins approved his release and on April 9, Bouaichi was set free on $25,000, on the condition that he only leave his home in Maryland to meet with lawyers or pretrials services officials. Alexandria prosecutors had argued against the release.

Arrested For Assault Before Shooting

Days after his release, Bouaichi had another run-in with the law and was arrested by Greenbelt police after they received reports of a holdup at a Wendy's restaurant. Responding officers say Bouaichi was acting strangely in the drive-thru and became uncooperative with police.

He was arrested and charged with two count of first-degree assault, two counts of second-degree assault, harming a law enforcement dog, resisting arrest, driving while intoxicated and multiple traffic charges. He was released from Maryland jail on May 11, with Alexandria officials saying that they would have revoked his bond had they known about the incident.

Karla Dominguez
Karla Dominguez GoFundMe

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Dominguez, whose entire family lives in Venezuela, to cover her funeral expenses and is only $800 short of its $10,000 dollar goal.

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