Rainbows in Skies Over Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle After Queen Elizabeth Dies; Tributes Pour in

Call it a tribute from the skies above, multiple rainbows were seen over Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle shortly before the death of Queen Elizabeth II was announced.

Much to the surprise of the people and photographers, it was a rare natural event witnessed in United Kingdom at this time of the year.

People from across the country have flooded various social media platforms with loving messages for their "beloved queen". Unending tributes are being paid to the Queen Elizabeth II who was one of the most loved, respected and illustrious figures of the England Royals. They also stated that appearance of the rainbows was symbolic of the tributes from skies for the Queen's goodness and kindness.

Rainbow at Queen Victoria Memorial
Rainbow at Windsor Castle

Queen's Fans Call Her "Angel", "Her Highness", "Beautiful Soul" and "Majestic Figure"

According to a report published by Newsweek, the first rainbow was spotted next to Windsor Castle, the Queen's residence in the English county of Berkshire. The report further stated that Getty Images captured a shot of Windsor Castle that depicted the flag being flown at half-staff, to honor Elizabeth's service to her country. And right next to it was a big, undeniable rainbow.

Queen's fans referred to the deceased queen as an "angel", "her highness", "beautiful soul", "majestic figure" in the comments shared in her praise on social media.

A faction of social media followers made a special mention of her love for her corgis and horses adding that Queen will meet them at the Rainbow Bridge.

Another group of Queen's followers stated that the double rainbow that appears above the Buckingham Palace at the announcement of Queen's death is a symbolic of the promise by their beloved Queen Elizabeth II to watch over the British people in the economic turmoil.

A Twitter user shared, " Wow! What an incredible, montage of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II! We don't believe there'll be another so deserving! We believe the semi-circular rainbow that appeared after the recent storm is symbolic for all to see how esteemed she was/is in heavenly places. All is well."

Another user expressed his feelings adding, "And if the rainbow display today is anything to go by, she is looking down upon all of us, not wanting us to be sad, but wanting us to stay positive and move forward. So I'll conclude by saying thank you, Queen Elizabeth II, for 70 wonderful years."