Rain talks mentoring hoobaes on KBS2's 'The Unit,' being one's own guide in life

Rain reveals plans for his December mini-album comeback.

Singer Rain.
Rain. instagram.com/rain_oppa

Singer-songwriter and actor Jung Ji-hoon, better known by his stage name Rain, recently gave an interview to Ilgan Sports where he talked about being a mentor on KBS2's 'The Unit' and finding one's own guide in life. He also talked about his comeback mini-album in December 2017.

As noted by websites Soompi and Allkpop, Ilgan Sports published an exclusive interview with Rain on September 27 where he spoke about why he had rejected being a mentor on KBS2's 'The Unit' but ultimately accepted the offer. "I actually rejected the offer a few times. I received a lot of offers for audition programs in the past as well, but I always turned them down because I didn't want to judge people," he said.

"Someone could try their very best at something but then end up getting hurt by other people's words. I didn't want to hurt anyone, and I felt like I didn't even have a right to judge them. I thought it would be better to spend my time on dramas and films instead. I was also concerned because I had never been a fixed member of a variety show before," he added.

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As for ultimately accepting KBS2's offer, Rain said, "The point of this show is rebooting. I always wondered why it wasn't possible for [artists] to get revived. There are a lot of people out there who aren't able to showcase their talents even after debuting, due to various circumstances. Those people actually remind me of my past."

Rain walked down memory lane, talking about his past as a member of the boy band FanClub. "Back when I was a member of the boy group FANCLUB, none of the music shows asked us to perform. I was so confident I could perform well on stage, but we just didn't get a lot of [opportunities]. That's why I was really moved by all the participants trying to get a second chance through 'The Unit,'" he said.

As to his December comeback mini-album, Rain revealed, "I plan on including about 5 tracks, with the main theme being a trendy, urban rock sound. In truth, I wasn't able to write high performance songs like 'How to Avoid the Sun' and 'Rainism' up until now. But this time, I did it. So I'm confident in my performance."

Rain, of course, isn't just a singer-songwriter but is well known for his dancing skills on stage. A dancing artist's stage life is usually not long. Speaking on the issue, the 35-year-old singer said, "Fortunately, my body is still faster than the beat. In my current opinion, I want to stop dancing around my 40's, but if my body is still faster than the beat then, I'll keep dancing."

Rain married actress Kim Tae-hee on January 19 this year after dating for five years. Back in May, it was revealed that she was pregnant and is expected to give birth sometime between late October and early November.

As to there being a guide in his life, Rain said that even though Park Jin-young is like a older brother to him and a teacher, he doesn't have any external guide in life. He is of the thought that one should be one's own guide in life. The 'Ninja Assassin' actor revealed that he always asks himself what he should do and added, "I want to paint a happy picture in my life."