Racist 'Karen' Hits Asian Man in Restaurant, Tells Cops She's Being 'Attacked' When Told to Wear a Mask

Vanessa Alatorre has been fired from her company after her "racist" behavior was captured on tape and widely circulated on social media.

A woman physically and verbally attacked a patron in a restaurant after she was told to wear a mask by staff members. The woman, identified as Vanessa Alatorre, has now been fired from her job after video footage of her racist behavior went viral on social media.

In video footage of the incident, which is being widely circulated on social media, Alatorre appears to attack an Asian man in a restaurant called HMS Bounty in Koreatown, Los Angeles, before calling the police on the individual after being told to wear a mask by the establishment's staff, as required by state laws. The Asian man was attacked after he stood up for the servers when she refused to wear a mask.

The eight-and-a-half-minute video clip starts off with Alatorre and the man arguing with each other over wearing a mask. "Put a mask on," the man tells her before she pulls out her cell phone to record the man.

Alatorre then repeatedly refers to the man as "puny," to which the man replies, "We've got a Karen right here." The woman then continues to point the camera at the man as the restaurant's staff intervene and try to de-escalate the situation.

"Stop touching me," she tells the servers before turning her attention back to the Asian man. "This little b---h right here, all five foot of him," she says before attacking him.

'He Bit Me,' She Tells Cops

vanessa alatorre
A still from the video that is being widely circulated on social media. Instagram / @karensgoingwild

The woman then calls the police and gives them the location of the eatery before claiming she's going to make a citizen's arrest and needs assistance after the Asian man "bit" her. She then goes on to describe the Asian man's height and his clothing before telling the cops she's being attacked by the staff members as well.

"I'm feeling very vulnerable and threatened right now," she says, adding: "I do need help, please." Alatorre continues to insult the Asian man and accuses him of being racist towards white people before physically attacking him again. "I need the cops here now," she says repeatedly. "This motherf----r needs to go to jail."

Alatorre then dials 911 again and says she's "being attacked by an Asian man" and has "bruises and bites" before requesting for an officer. When asked if she needs a paramedic, she responds in the affirmative. "I have an injury. Can I get a medic?" she asks before showing her "injury" to the camera. The video ends with Alatorre slamming the man's phone. "You've got to stop attacking me," the man can be heard saying before the video cuts out.

Watch the full video below:

Fired From Her Job

In the wake of the incident, several social media users tagged Northwestern Mutual, the company where Alatorre works, and drew attention to the video and her racist and violent behavior.

Later, the company responded to one of the comments saying that Alatorre had been terminated from the company. "We will not tolerate racism nor prejudice. The individual involved in this incident no longer works for Northwestern Mutual," the company tweeted.

This article was first published on June 30, 2020