Rachel Griffith

In light of the numerous sexual harassment allegations in the entertainment industry, actress Rachel Griffiths says women have not been adequately protected in showbiz.

"The fact that we are discussing things in the 'marketplace' shows that processes and procedures have not been adequate," Griffiths said at the AACTA awards, reports abc.net.au.

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and actor Kevin Spacey are some of the celebrities who have been accused of sexual harassment by many people.

However, Griffiths feels actor Geoffrey Rush, who was earlier accused of sexual harassment, is not one of them.

"Geoffrey Rush is not Harvey Weinstein and I have had more than a handful of interactions with Harvey Weinstein," she said.

Griffiths also stressed it was not just the entertainment industry where women were subject to harassment and inequality.

"It's a huge problem in the service industry, it's a huge problem in the hotel industry. If we have the conversation in our arena, then great, but to make it about us... is a massive distraction from the real work we need to (do) as a society," she said.