Putin's Daughter Katerina Tikhonova Undergoes Beauty Remedy Favored By Kim Kardashian

Russian President Vladimir Putin's daughter Katerina Tikhonova underwent a beauty remedy favored by Kim Kardashian. The 35-year-old underwent vampire facelift treatment as she traveled to Munich, revealed a report.

She used to live in German city but shifted to Moscow during the beginning of the Ukraine war.

Katerina Tikhonova
Katerina Tikhonova Twitter

Tikhonova's blood was removed, processed, and then injected back under the skin in a treatment costing £4,310 per session, according to Bild newspaper.

Katerina Tikhonova Underwent Botox Procedures

Tikhonova, Putin's daughter from Lyudmila, underwent Botox procedures. The daughter also had hyaluronic acid injections to treat frown lines on her forehead and laugh lines on her mouth.

Katerina Tikhonova is reportedly in a serious and long-term relationship with Igor Zelensky
Katerina Tikhonova is reportedly in a serious and long-term relationship with Igor Zelensky Twitter

Previous reports have also claimed that Putin is also very fond of the Botox treatment. His gymnast girlfriend Alina Kabaeva has also undergone Botox treatment.

Tikhonova is Putin's younger daughter from his marriage to Lyudmila and she is married Kirill Shamalov, Russia's youngest billionaire. But the two separated in 2017.

Putin Carries a Personal Dry Toilet During Tour

Meanwhile, it also emerged that Putin is very protective of his biological material as Russia's strongman carries a personal dry toilet with him everywhere, claimed Telegram channel Utro Fevralya.

NATO Could Have Putin's DNA Sample

The channel also went on to claim that NATO has Putin's biometric material and DNA. "It's scary to think what they can do with it. Perhaps they have already processed it in bio-laboratories, said the channel, according to Daily Mail.

Putin's daughter made multiple trips to Munich to meet her lover Igor Zelensky with a protective unit. The former head of the Bavarian State Ballet also has a child with Tikhonova.

Tikhonova Works For A Mathematical Research Institute

Currently, Tikhonova is deputy head of the Institute for Mathematical Research of Complex Systems at Moscow State University.

Before her identity was revealed, the daughter had participated in the international 'rock'n'roll' dancing contests.