'PUBG' best map now live on PS4, Xbox One; Gunplay problem found

An Xbox One console
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The latest map of "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds," called Vikendi, is now live on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The mountainous and snowy 6-kilometer-by-6-kilometer landscape has been available for PC since December and now "PUBG" console users are able to access it.

Console players should be excited because Vikendi gives everything one could want from battle royale maps. Many players prefer battle royale because of the attachments they can create to locations within the virtual world. What makes Vikendi special is that PUBG Corporation made sure that players can form those attachments as quickly as possible.

What's more is that Vikendi has a near real-life feel, mostly thanks to its high quality art direction. Although the map has a ski resort theme in general, it is said to be nowhere near as generic. Players will find every hamlet has a specific look and design. One part can feature a dinosaur theme park while the other can feature a small town complete with a church.

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Vikendi has a lot of character that even similar spaces show it off. Vikendi cottages also look different from each other not only because of the unique layout, but because PUBG Corporation and art director Dave Curd paid a lot of attention to the visual details. "PUBG's" world just became more memorable with Vikendi.

Meanwhile, the game was recently under fire because of a glitch. Last year, the developer already dedicated considerable time ensuring that players get a more consistent experience. It was good for the most part until players found out that the in-game framerate directly affects weapon recoil.

This also influences damage per second (DPS) and weapon performance. "PUBG" YouTuberWackyJacky101 recently published an analysis on the issue. According to the him, weapons have lower vertical recoil if the framerate is lower. Simply put, each weapon in "PUBG" has an "ideal" framerate and performance really depends on the latter. As such the developer may need to come up with a way to appease players eventually.​

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