Psy and Lee Byung Hun in the "I Luv It" music video Screenshot from "I Luv It"

Korean rapper and "Gangnam Style" star Psy has successfully made his comeback with his two music videos garnering more than 10 million views in less than a day.

He released his new album "4X2=8," containing 10 songs, and two music videos on May 10.

In 19 hours, the music video for "I Luv It" got 5.43 million views while "New Face" garnered 5.09 million for total views of 10.52 million.

Appearing on the "I Luv It" music video are Korean star Lee Byung Hun and "PPAP" song singer Pikotaro, portrayed by Japanese comedian Daimaou Kosaka while APink's Son Na Eun is on the "New Face" MV.

According to YG Entertainment, as of 8 am on May 11, "I Luv It" was No. 1 on Korean music charts Melon, Genie, Bugs, Olleh, Soribada, Naver, Monkey 3, and Mnet and achieved an all-kill status for topping all the charts.

"4X2=8" also topped the iTunes album charts in countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the Philippines.

YG Entertainment describes "I Luv It" as a product of electro-house music with catchy lyrics while "New Face" showcases Psy's rapping skills.

In a press conference for the album on May 10, Psy said, "The music industry nowadays has become very ephemeral. Whether a song will become a hit or not is usually determined within hours of its release," according to the YG Entertainment blog. "I'm not sure whether it was a wise move to release a regular album at a time like this. It's been seventeen years since I debuted. However, I wanted to hear from people that my music has become better. I just want people to enjoy my album."

While people are looking forward to seeing Psy make another global hit like "Gangnam Style," he admits that "all the songs in this album are for the domestic market."

Psy also revealed how he was able to convince Lee Byung Hun to appear in the music video.

"He doesn't like adlibbing. That's why he always said no when I asked him to appear in my music videos. He used to ask me for scenarios or scripts, and I told him there is no such thing and that he only needs to come and dance," he said.

This time, Psy explained to him the lyrics for his part.

"The lyrics go, 'When you eat a fish, pick out the bones, and when you eat a watermelon, pick out the seeds.' At that time he became a big issue for his role in 'Inside Men.' I told him to pretend that he is shooting for that movie," he said.