Psychic Predicts Donald Trump's Chances of Winning Presidential Election

The psychic believes that Donald Trump's comments about American nationalism will help him to win the upcoming presidential election.

As the United States is gearing up for the upcoming presidential elections on November 3, a psychic has sensationally predicted that reigning United States president Donald Trump will win the contest against Joe Biden. The prediction from the psychic comes at a time when the latest polls give a narrow lead to Biden.

Donald Trump to Win the Election

These predictions are made by Krzysztof Jackowski, a Polish psychic who has worked with the police in the 2000s to find missing persons. According to Jackowski, Donald Trump's controversial and unconventional approach towards politics, and foreign policy has helped him to garner sufficient supporters which will help him to win the election.

Biden vs Trump
As per latest polls, Democratic nominee Joe Biden has a slender lead over Republican nominee Donald Trump ahead of the November 3 election Wikimedia Commons

"Personally, I do not like the politics of Mr Trump's presidency, even though I am no political expert. But sometimes I am under the impression Mr Trump leads foreign policy in such a way that I am under the impression he is a sort of little hooligan who plays and befriends someone at the playground, only to later say, 'I don't want to play with you, I want to befriend you.' It doesn't fit a bit the strength and rule of a power like the United States. But I think Trump's controversiality, by some miracle, will allow him a second term," said Jackowski, reports.

Recently, a new opinion poll conducted on behalf of the Independent has found that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden maintains a double-digit national lead over Donald Trump. According to the survey, Donald Trump is going to face a setback mainly due to his administration's inefficiency in handling the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Trump's Lame Tricks May Do Magic

Jackowski believes that Donald Trump's political ideologies and moves may not be acceptable for the global public. But a section of Americans is impressed with the way how Donald Trump handles nationalism in the country.

"Trump very frequently uses phrases that this is the end of American charity for the world, that America has to look after its own interests. Many Americans will buy it. I think this man, by a fluke, will be the President of the United States," added Jackowski.

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