ProSingh Journey into Instagram Marketing


Instagram continuous algorithm updates are making it harder than ever to grow your Instagram Account, hence many are looking for sources that can do the same on their behalf. This started a gold rush of marketing agencies where everyone wants a pie of it. Many youngsters began their marketing businesses which turned out to be a money-making machine, one of them is Pro Singh, who is yet another Marketing Entrepreneur. Below is the journey describing how he started and how you can start your successful marketing agency.

Parwinder Singh also known as "ProSingh" is an Indian teenage entrepreneur who started his marketing agency at 16. He started without any investment and grew his marketing agency "InstaEASY" to 25,000 USD within 2 years. He published his first book "The Actual Growth Hack - Complete Guide for Instagram" in May 2020.

How ProSingh started his journey?

"Instagram was a mystery for me when I started, I wanted to learn more about it and create a cheat sheet that can nourish me to grow," ProSingh said. "Then I began learning and developed a software that can engage with other accounts, which would lead to my account receiving more exposure and gaining more followers ultimately." That's how "InstaEASY" came into existence and I kept adding new features over the years. InstaEASY is an automation tool which allows you to mass engage with your targeted audience that leads to more exposure and engagement.

"I believe knowledge plays a greater role in whatever anyone aspires to achieve and the best thing about the 21st century is that we have all the knowledge we require to create something in our hands. We can develop anything, be what we aspire and we can learn from anyone sitting at our home. Making use of available resources, and turning it into an opportunity is important." ProSingh said. "Also starting everything on your own would be hard in the start, you will need to learn everything and do everything on your own. Google and YouTube would be the only true mentors you will find for free. Just ask any problem to google and you will find thousands of ways to do it".

How can you do it?

"For Instagram, the best thing would be learning from others, YouTube also has great channels which can teach you in and out of Instagram like "heyDominik". Try out different things and hashtags learn from google about how others are doing it, Make connections with others and learn how they are growing their accounts and within a few months you will become an Instagram marketing guru."

The initial work would be to get a logo, get a PayPal account, and just start messaging different accounts about your services that can add value to their profiles. Doing it for free for others, in the beginning, would yield you their reviews and help you fetch more accounts. It also will serve as an opportunity to improve and get your credibility high. That would at least help you to get into the run, in the process keep expanding your client list and keep on earning more.