Proof of time travel? Billionaire businessman Richard Branson spotted in 1882 statue

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Richard Branson

Zach Culpin, an amateur photographer from Dorset has spotted a look-alike figure of business magnate Richard Branson at the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain. Culpin found that one of the three wise men created by world-famous sculptor Antoni Gaudi in 1882 looks exactly like Branson, and as the news surfaced, conspiracy theorists started claiming that the Virgin group founder has travelled through time.

Did Richard Branson travel through time?

Zach Culpin captured the photos of three wise men at the Sagrada Familia during his vacation trip to Barcelona. After enjoying the rich architecture of the unfinished Roman church, the amateur photographer stumbled upon the three wise men statue sculptured by Antoni Gaudi. He could not believe his eyes when he noticed the stunning similarity between one of the men in the statue and Branson.

"I was on holiday and wanted to visit the Sagrada Familia to see the incredible architecture and Antoni Gaudi's work in person. The church is absolutely breathtaking, it's incredible seeing so much history in one place. I was taking some pictures and admiring the incredible sight," said Culpin, Daily Mail reports.

"But when I looked at the pictures closely on my camera, I couldn't believe my eyes. As I got to my pictures of the three wise men, the man at the back of the group looked just like Richard Branson. It isn't just a slight resemblance either," continued Culpin.

Culpin added that a person who is not aware of the history of the building and the age of the statue will surely think that the structure is built for Branson.

However, the Sagrada Familia has denied all these rumors, and they made it clear that the resemblance of one wise man with Branson is just a coincidence.

Time travel claims on the rise

For the past couple of months, stories regarding time travel are the hottest pick among Internet users all around the globe. Recently, a YouTube channel named 'Apex TV' has uploaded an interview with a time traveller who allegedly came from 6491.

The self-proclaimed time traveller named James Oliver even claimed that the entire United States will be destroyed following a volcanic eruption in Yellowstone. Oliver added that he hails from a planetary system other than ours, and he reached earth after his time travelling machine got stranded during the super blood moon.