Pro-Russian Graffiti on The Game of Thrones Location In Ireland; Is It a Publicity Stunt?

A beautiful tree-lined Dark-Hedges road in Northern Ireland was recently defaced with a pro-Russian graffiti that carries a slogan, "Glory to Russia" and a large Z.

This road had become famous after being featured in the world acclaimed television series, The Game of Thrones.

This episode has created an uproar on various social media platforms. A large number of social media followers are condemning the Russian nationals living in Ireland, accusing them of being the perpetrators of this act.

At the same time, the fans of the television series have termed it as an attempt to hurt the sentiments of the viewers and have demanded a prompt action against the guilty.

Dark Hedges Road, Ireland

According to the report carried by Daily Mail, DUP North Antrim Assembly Candidate Mervyn Storey condemned the incident and stated that he would ensure the removal of the graffiti at the earliest and that the guilty are brought to the book.

Ukraine- Russia War, An Opportunity to Create Hype

However, a faction of social media followers sees it as nothing but a publicity stunt on the part of the makers of the series.

The critics have pointed out that the whole drama has been staged months prior to the release of the Game of Thrones "prequel series" House of The Dragon. The prequel is scheduled for release in August 2022.

They have also stated that the whole world is directly or indirectly involved in the ongoing Russia- Ukraine war which the makers of the series have used as an opportunity to create hype.

A Twitter user while expressing his opinion over the act wrote, "Game of Thrones road, Dark Hedges, defaced with pro-Russian graffiti. And i bet whoever did that would welcome lying thieving mushies with open arms."

Another twitter user shared his opinion stating, " I suppose it makes a change from IRA murals. Police investigate after pro-Russian graffiti appears at Game of Thrones filming location."

"Absolutely disgusting behavior in my old home. This will happen as Russian's are everywhere but it won't be tolerated in N Ireland Game of Thrones road, Dark Hedges, defaced with pro-Russian graffiti," read a tweet.