Pro-Putin Politician Alexei Innokentyev's Wife, Daughter Murdered In Siberia; Russian Media Banned from Reporting Incident

A Russian politician's wife and daughter have been knifed to death in Siberia but the media is banned from reporting the deaths. The wife and daughter of pro-Putin politician Alexei Innokentyev were killed on Friday.

The death of Nadezhda Innokentyeva, 51, and her daughter Anzhelika Popova, 31, is in public knowledge now but the state media have been ordered to not broadcast the news, according to the reports. Alexei controls the Nyurbinsky district in Siberia's Yakutia region.

Alexei Innokentyev's wife Nadezhda and daughter Anzhelika Popova were murdered in Siberia
Alexei Innokentyev's wife Nadezhda and daughter Anzhelika Popova were murdered in Siberia Twitter

Popova Was Killed On The Spot

Popova, who owns a clothing brand and is based in St Petersburg, was killed on the spot due to serious wounds on her abdomen and chest while her mother died on the way to the hospital.

Regional Governor Aisen Nikolayev Ordered a Ban On The Media Coverage

The media ban was imposed by regional governor Aisen Nikolayev, 50, also from the pro-Putin party United Russia. The reason for the media crackdown was not clear but the state media are said to be under orders to limit bad news, according to Daily Mirror.

Russian Media Ordered To Limit Bad News

Reports have also claimed that Russia has ordered media outlets to not run the footage of forest fires in the country.

Officials have detained the son of Alexei, Aisen Innokentyev, in the incident as he has made a written confession over the murder of his sister and mother in their home in Yakutsk.

Alexei's Son Aisen Innokentyev 'Killed' Her Mother And Sister

Reports have also claimed that initial tests have shown that Aisen had been intoxicated during a family argument over his friends.

It came as Moscow is trying to control media by banning them from running any story which shows a negative perspective or any negative incident in Russia.