Prince Harry broke a major Royal rule to protect Meghan Markle

Britain's Prince Harry poses with Meghan Markle in the Sunken Garden of Kensington Palace, London, Britain,

Prince Harry is protective of Meghan Markle, and there is no denying that. But the lengths to which he would go to protect his wife, the Duchess of Sussex, is still surprising.

Prince Harry took the "unprecedented step" of breaking the unwritten royal rule of "never complain, never explain" to protect Meghan Markle from racial attacks and the press scrutiny, a royal biographer said. Reportedly, in November 2016, just a few months after he started dating the then-Suits actress, Prince Harry decided to issue a rare statement where he not only demanded the public and the press stop subjecting the Duchess to "a wave of abuse and harassment."

The Duke of Sussex went against the rule to avoid commenting on rumours and attacks against members of the Royal Family when his relationship with Meghan was made public by the press, royal biographer Duncan Larcombe said. He wrote in his book Prince Harry: The Inside Story: "There is an old rule of royal when it comes to their interaction with the media - 'never complain, never explain.'

"To be seen to break either of these unwritten rules is generally considered to be a no-no, risking being dragged into a wider row that could ultimately backfire... But when it comes to rules, Harry tends to tread his own path."

Prince Harry still remains true to his goal of carving his own path, and Meghan Markle is beside him. But it seems that she is still being targeted for allegedly causing a rift in the Royal Family. Even the Queen seems to be annoyed with the American celebrity's antics with Harry. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first child this month.