Pratulya Sharma

When it reaches to those who have achieved a lot at a very young age than among some prominent personalities Pratulya Sharma comes at the top. Be it his chore or his hardworking attitude towards the entrepreneurial realm is a paragon.

Pratulya Sharma is Asia's youngest Digital Entrepreneur and an Expert in Personal Branding, Music Promotion, and Digital Marketing Strategy Building. He basically handles the product and brand marketing realm through social media. Pratulya Sharma is one of India's Leading Digital Marketer, Who Provide worldwide trusted Services.

He is a self-made guy who has started with his digital entrepreneurial voyage with a small investment of 80 Rupees and with great enthusiasm and zeal he has scaled his company within a short span to a million-dollar company which is exceptional and praiseworthy. It's phenomenal to see such peeps growing so well by making their social presence worth praising.

Forthwith, he is currently working with Billion dollar MNCs and with more than 145 Clients in more than 20 countries, have attended some well-known clients the list comprises Lady Gaga, Wealthy Co., Jay Pareil, Wraptors Inc, Tom John, Xavier's Groups and T Series, crossed $1,00,000+ Whooping in just a span of 8 months. He has achieved several Laurels but most precious one was when he was awarded by the United Nations and IIT as Global Young Leader 2019. Well, it feels really proud when we read or hear about such super talented and passionate people who are working tremendously hard towards their goal and attaining such prestigious titles that define them best.

He has scaled up his company by making it worth millions of dollars and created his own name at this age which is remarkable. Pratulya is even planning to Launch North India's First Digital Marketing University.

Well, Last but not least we asked him about the message that he wants to convey his reply is one of the best as it defines his passionate and confident attitude towards his chore. He said that,

"Just work hard, and most importantly do something extraordinary or unique so that others parody you because the world follows the trend created by legends".
Get Connected to him if you are looking to yourself in the top 10 lists in Google Search, Pratulya Sharma aka Asia's Youngest Digital entrepreneur aka Digital Tycoon of India.