Powerful earthquake measuring 8M to rattle the planet tomorrow, predicts Dutch researcher

The Dutch researcher claimed that electromagnetic waves generated across the solar system during planetary alignments are causing earthquakes

Earthquake Pixabay

Frank Hoogerbeets, a self-proclaimed seismic researcher who operates from the Netherlands has shockingly warned that an earthquake measuring 8 in the Richter scale may hit the planet either today or tomorrow. The researcher claimed that a series of planetary alignments are destabilizing the tectonic plates on the earth, and this phenomenon is causing a rise in seismic activities. Hoogerbeets also urged people to take necessary precautions to protect themselves during megaquakes that may hit the planet soon.

"A series of planetary alignments is likely going to trigger large seismic activity with possibly one or two magnitudes 7 earthquakes or maybe even an 8 pointer. The most critical time is probably from November 13 to November 17," wrote Hoogerbeets on his website Ditrianum.

Interestingly, just a few hours after issuing the warning, a powerful earthquake hit North Sulawesi and North Maluku regions in Indonesia, and this major tremor that measured 7.1 in the Richter scale was followed by more than 70 aftershocks. Soon after the earthquake, authorities issued a tsunami warning, and it was later lifted.

Hoogerbeets, on his website, reveals that he is using an advanced system named Solar System Geometry Index to predict potential earthquakes. As per the Dutch researcher, critical planetary alignments and lunar geometry will generate electromagnetic waves across the solar system, and these waves are powerful enough to destabilize the tectonic plates, which will finally result in powerful earthquakes.

On his website, Hoogerbeets has also made it clear that he is not a part of any conspiracy theory group, and all he wants to do is exposing the truth to the general public. "Contrary to what is falsely being claimed, we are not part of any conspiracy theory group. We are not against anyone or anything. We provide information in an impartial manner about the seismic effects from specific planetary and lunar geometry," Hoogerbeets says.

However, seismic experts argue that the predictions made by Hoogerbeets have no scientific base. As per these experts, no current technology is capable of predicting earthquakes with such precision and accuracy.