Polygram: A game-changing social media platform that uses facial recognition to communicate

If you are bored with Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat, try out Polygram

It is very well true that sometimes people feel bored with all these existing social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. Admit it, they seem monotonous sometimes. So, if you are up for something new here is one new social media platform in the town – Polygram. This brand new social media tool takes a fresh approach towards exploring the digital lives of people and uses some really advanced technologies to engage them. Polygram is powered by facial recognition technology, which is a built in feature in it.


If you love talking in emojis, Polygram would be perfect for you. There are hundreds of emojis available in the market, which can be shared in chats and comments on the Internet. However, Polygram makes use of them in a different way. With the help of its facial recognition feature, this social media network detects the facial expression of the users and sends the exact emojis instantly. Polygram creates these emojis using a neural network that detects the facial movements of the viewers. Polygram can also animate their own emojis and can be used on any social media website, like Facebook.

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Added to that Polygram are a bunch of other features as well, which include sharing photos. Another interesting feature of this social media platform is that it has its own set of filters that can be used on the pictures and the best part is these filters are designed by the real-life plastic surgeons to make the user look more attractive. These surgeons have devised augmented reality makeup, which you can apply on your photos rather than just adding masks or colours, reported The Tech Bulletin.


If you want to keep your pictures private, you can use the Wipe-to-reveal feature of Polygram, which covers the pictures with white snow-like shades. This way no one can see your pictures without your permission and neither can they take a screenshot of your images. As we know, Facebook has recently started protecting pictures using the shield feature, but people can easily take screenshots of even those protected images.

Polygram has been released on the iOS platform on August 27 and if you are an Apple device owner, you can just head to the iTunes of AppleStore and download and install the app. You can click here to get the link.

The developers have not yet revealed any details as to when will the Android devices receive this app; however, it would be rolled out to Android Play store soon.