Pokemon GO v1.7.1 for iOS, v0.37.1 for Android released: What's new and download links

Niantic rolls out new Pokemon GO updates for iOS and Android with a slew of bug-fixes and interface enhancements.

Niantic has just released yet another Pokemon GO bug-fix update for iOS (v1.7.1) and Android (v0.37.1) within a week of releasing the Buddy Pokemon feature in Nintendo's popular augmented-reality game. The update is now available for download via Apple App Store and Google Play Store on compatible iOS and Android devices.

The new Pokemon GO bug-fix update brings some text and font enhancements along with the stability improvement for the newly released Pokemon GO accessory or wearable called 'Pokemon GO Plus'.

The Android version of the update includes a couple of additional features wherein the user interface has been revamped to help select smaller Pokemon on the screen and the animations issue with egg-hatching has now been fixed.

With regular bug-fix and feature updates being rolled out for Pokemon GO, we can rest assured that the AR game will sustain gamers' interest and engagement for a long time to come.

Download Pokemon GO v1.7.1 for iOS

Download Pokemon GO 0.37.1 for Android