Pokemon GO update v1.9.0 for iOS and v0.39.0 for Android released with Capture Location and GO Plus features: Download now

New Pokemon GO updates for iOS and Android bring Capture Location and GO Plus accessory features.

The latest Pokemon GO updates (v1.9.0) for iOS and Android (v0.39.0) bring back the Capture Location feature along with the GO Plus tweak, which enables you to use the Pokemon GO Plus wearable-accessory with incense sticks in the game to capture Pokemon. However, it must be noted that the new game update still does not feature any support for running the Pokemon app on Apple Watch.

The Capture Location feature comes in handy to identify all the rare Pokemon spawning points near your location based on your experience of catching Pokemons.

You can simply tap on a captured Pokemon in your inventory and scroll down to the bottom of their about screen to uncover your favourite hunting locations in case you are struggling to remember the exact spawn point or nest for a rare Pokemon in your locality.

In addition to these nifty tweaks, the update also brings a few bug fixes and improvements to enhance the overall gameplay experience for the users.

It includes a fix for a common issue wherein the gamers would randomly get stuck at the app's loading screen even after several restarts or device reboots. The update also adds a fix for the camera lag issue in augmented reality mode while capturing Pokemon.

The rest of the improvements listed in the changelog pertain to performance enhancements and minor font-issues in the app.

Existing Pokemon GO users in iOS can go ahead and install the update directly via the App Store's Update tab while new users can download it for free via iTunes.

Meanwhile, existing Android users can get the new update via Google Play Store while new users can grab the APK download file from here.