Pokemon GO Singapore: Freshly-migrated spawn nests for rare Pokemons revealed for March update

Veterans of Pokemon community have shared full list of rare Pokemon spawning nests in Singapore via Reddit.

Pokemon GO Singapore spawn nests
Pokemon GO Singapore: Full list of freshly-migrated spawn nests for rare Pokemons revealed after March update pokemongogym.sg

Nintendo's immensely successful augmented-reality game 'Pokemon GO' has received some fresh location changes for the newly-migrated spawn nests in Singapore. Following the 9 March update, veterans of the Pokemon community have updated the full list of new spawn locations via Reddit to aid users in capturing the rarest Pokemons in the game.

A new thread titled '16th nest migration 9 March' has been added to the 'PokemonGO_Singapore' section on Reddit, which allows fans to share and discuss the full list of migrated spawn nests for rare Pokemons in Singapore.

Note #1: This list is being constantly updated on Reddit based on user findings and feedback from the veteran members of the Pokemon GO community.

Note #2: Nests with bold texts represent larger or main nests with frequent spawns while the nests with italic texts represent spawn locations across golf courses, construction sites or places with restricted access.

Note #3: The full list of migrated spawn nests (third migration for Gen 2) for Gen 2 Pokemon has also been updated for the benefit of users.

Check out the complete list of migrated spawning nests for all rare Pokemons in Singapore

  • Raffles country club east - Abra
  • Tanah Merah Country Club - Shellder
  • Warren country club - Kabuto
  • AMK town garden west - Doduo
  • Bishan-AMK park west - Onix
  • Botanic gardens - Drowzee
  • Cable ski park ECP - Charmander
  • Chinese garden - Rhyhorn
  • Fort canning park - Nidoran(m)
  • Japanese garden - Drowzee
  • Telok blagah hill park - Drowzee
  • AMK town garden east - Nidoran (f)
  • Bedok stadium - Gastly
  • Big splash - Cubone
  • Bougainvillea garden - Seel
  • Changi beach - Tentacool
  • Clementi Woods - Rhyhorn
  • ECP area C - Horsea
  • ECP area D - Zubat
  • ECP area G - Diglett
  • Hort park - Kabuto
  • Kent ridge park - Bellsprout
  • Lower seletar reservoir - Caterpie
  • Pasir Ris park aquaria - Mankey
  • Pasir Ris park east - Abra
  • Pasir Ris park west - Squirtle
  • Pasir Ris sea-shell park - Bellsprout
  • Tampines Eco green - Mankey
  • Tampines north park - Jynx
  • Tampines skate park - Nidoran (f)
  • West coast park north - Kabuto
  • Yishun neighbourhood park - Vulpix

Gen 2 nests

  • NSRCC Kranji - Chikorita
  • Orchid country club - Chikorita
  • Sembawang golf course - Qwilfish
  • Bedok reservoir park - Totodile
  • Bishan-AMK park east - Wobbuffet
  • Choa Chu kang Park - Snubbull
  • Faber peak - Remoraid
  • Labrador park - Wobbuffet
  • Aljunied park - Girrafarig
  • Bukit panjang transmitting station - Cyndaquill
  • Buangkok square park - Sneasel
  • Field beside Jurong West Ave 3 - Chinchou
  • Gardens by the bay east - Shuckle
  • Pasir Ris brontosaur park - Remoraid
  • Pasir Ris green oval
  • Pasir Ris town park
  • Punggol park
  • Punggol Waterway
  • Tampines central park
  • Tampines garden community park - Chikorita
  • West coast park south - Rhyhorn

Global nest-migration after March update

Folks at The Silph Road have confirmed the sixteenth nest migration for rare Pokemons across the world as their pokemap (atlas) is currently being updated using information from reports of verified and unverified nests.

Interested users may check out the common spawn points as well as migrated nest locations for rare Pokemons across the globe, using The Silph Road Atlas posted here.