Pokémon GO: Legendary Raids spikes app downloads, Niantic's earnings

Pokémon GO has seen a drastic upsurge in app downloads and Niantic's earnings.

niantic ceo john hanke
Niantic chief John Hanke. Reuters

Pokémon GO has seen a sudden spike in downloads and gross income recently after the release of Legendary Pokémon. A new data shows that Pokémon GO, which gained its first phenomenal success in 2016, is by and by getting back on its feet.

In a new data released by mobile analytics firm App Annie on Thursday, the new Legendary Raids feature has catapulted Niantic's Pokémon GO back to the top after 19 July. Days before the Pokémon GO Fest kicked off on 24 July, the Pokémon GO app was reportedly stuck beyond the overall top 100 apps in the US.

On 19 July, the app placed 110th as the most downloaded app in the US and 34th in the games category. On 24 July, the Pokémon GO skyrocketed to the 34th place overall and 8th in the games category in the US.

App Annie's report noted that days before the Pokémon GO Fest launch, data mined information revealed that Legendary Pokémon is arriving. The increase in engagement was not only seen through downloads as in-game sales prove Pokémon GO is regaining its glory.

The Pokémon GO Fest has been cited as the primary reason behind the upsurge in earnings. Niantic offered Raid Passes at a discount while convenience items related to the event were also made available. Premium Raid Passes are requisite to play the Legendary Raids on a regular basis.

Despite the Pokémon GO Fest gaffe in Chicago, statistics show that the phenomenal augmented reality game is getting back on its feet. In the meantime, Moltres has been rolled out this week, while Zapdos will start showing up next week.

This article was first published on August 3, 2017