Pokemon GO Gen 2 references unearthed in APK teardown: Everything you need to know

Fresh details unearthed in APK teardown hint at impending Pokemon GO sequel.

Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO Gen 2 references unearthed in APK teardown: Everything you need to know Niantic Labs

Nintendo's smash-hit augmented-reality game has been gradually losing its hype and popularity while some game enthusiasts have unleashed fresh details about the forthcoming sequel to Pokemon GO in a recent APK teardown.

Despite the fan interest with Pokemon GO waning gradually, Niantic has continued to throw in a bunch of fresh feature updates and bug fixes for the game in order to protect its replay value as well as the gamers' loyalty for the game.

Meanwhile, folks at The Silph Road have claimed that "100 new Pokemon are now referenced in the game's code." If there is any truth to this rumour, we could expect a sequel coming out for the widely-popular AR game in the near future.

Presently, no moveset data has been assigned to the new species. Furthermore, the moves themselves haven't even appeared in the code yet. This means a server and client-side change will have to occur before Gen 2 is launched. So nothing to hold your breath for, travelers. It may yet be a few more weeks or months. But Niantic has certainly been picking up momentum. At this point, it's anyone's guess when these major additions might find their way into the Pokemon GO universe.

It is believed that the game's sequel might require both a client as well as a server-side update for a full-fledged implementation. In other words, such an update could take a few weeks to several months of development before a public release.

Let's hope that the sequel might just revive the popularity and hype for the successful AR-game which is at the verge of extinction.