Pohyal Stori, one of the leading German-Afghan businessmen, says entrepreneurs are the greatest change-makers.

Pohyal Stori believes that it is essential for working with absolute resolve to gain the momentum one seeks in the business world.

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Pohyal Stori

To dream about something is one thing, and to go ahead in making it huge by choosing to do the different, walking the path of hard work, never complaining, no matter the hurdles, and moving consistently towards the goals is a different thing altogether. Being a part of the latter category takes a lot and many brave decisions that may challenge people in ways more than one. However, those with a resilient attitude who keep moving are the ones who become visionaries to the world and also achieve excellence like no other, just like Pohyal Stori achieved with his unique aim to do something for his community, the Pashtuns, which are considered the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan. He is a German-Afghan entrepreneur and cultural activist who believes in his grandfather's visions to get Pashtuns their right and their due recognition and hence, worked his way to the top by doing it his own way.

Since we are speaking about this 23-year-old entrepreneur, who also today owns several IT companies, it is necessary for us to understand that there are tons of success stories in this world just like Pohyal Stori, who keep a certain aim in life and go ahead in breaking barriers to create a positive impact on people. In the case of Pohyal Stori, he introduced the Pashto language in Google's translation system, a feat no other youngster has achieved. Talking about entrepreneurship and becoming a change-maker, the young talent says that the business world is more than only doing business; if people look closely, it is space that has produced the greatest of people in the world and hence, he says some entrepreneurs are definitely the greatest change-makers, one can ever come across and why does he say that? Let's understand from him.

Taking risks: Pohyal Stori says that great individuals turn into great entrepreneurs when they invest themselves personally and emotionally, laying all their chips on the table and taking the risk that can bring something new to the world. He crossed boundaries, when he introduced the Pashto language in Google, it was challenging, but all worth it, he confesses.

Providing progress: When entrepreneurs work towards innovating or creating something, they work with a bigger picture in mind. What they create or the change they make in the entrepreneurial world is not just for them but for others' progress as well. These entrepreneurs go much ahead of others in becoming the change-makers across the world.

Strong purpose: Why is it that great entrepreneurs always are ready to take risks? Pohyal Stori says that they take such paths because they wish to achieve a new reality in the world. The same was done by him when he decided to take forward the purpose of his grandfather to the next level to protect the true essence of the Pashtun language and culture and also went ahead in making other IT developments for the community.

Entrepreneurs are indeed the greatest change-makers as they make others believe in the power of purpose and how people through that can impact the world on a deeper level.

This article was first published on April 15, 2021