PM Lee congratulates US President-elect Trump amid mixed reactions

Singapore government repeats it will continue to work with any administration, whether it is Republican or Democrat.

PM Lee congratulates US President-elect Trump amidst mixed reactions
Singapore's PM Lee speaks at an event Reuters

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong congratulated US President-elect Donald Trump on his victory and said the voters have elected a President whom they feel best represents them.

PM Lee was among the first world leaders to congratulate the 70-year-old new president. He said Singapore fully respects the decision of the people of the United States.

On Wednesday, PM Lee posted on Facebook: "Congratulations to President-Elect Donald Trump! His candidacy took many by surprise. At each stage he defied expectations, and his journey has ultimately taken him to the White House."

He added that "it has been a contentious, ugly election season that has exposed a bitter divide in the American people."

"Many will celebrate this result, while others will understandably be surprised and disappointed. But like the Brexit referendum in June, Mr Trump's victory is part of a broader pattern in developed countries – reflecting a deep frustration with the way things are, and a strong wish to reassert a sense of identity, and somehow to change the status quo," he posted.

According to Lee, Singapore will continue to work together with the United States, one of Singapore's biggest trade partners, in order to cultivate strong ties.

Singapore has always been considered as a close ally of the US. The government has repeatedly said that it will continue to work with any administration, whether it is Republican or Democrat.

Meanwhile, other eminent personalities were seen reacting in a bit different way to Trump's victory.

"A Trump victory clearly does not bode well for a continuation of the Obama trade and investment initiatives which have been the centrepiece of America's pivot to Asia," David Adelman, a former US ambassador to Singapore told South China Morning Post.

Adelman, a partner with the law firm Reed Smith, said: "Trump's lack of a well known track record in Asia presents a challenge to our friends and allies in the region."

Singaporeans living in the United States were reportedly in a sombre mood as the Trump won the election and conquered his dream of becoming the president.

Earlier during election campaign, Donald Trump had accused Singapore as being one of the Asian countries that were taking away jobs from the US which might have affected the Singaporeans.

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