Pilot: Everything to Know About Jo Jung Suk's Return to the Big Screen

Moviegoers eagerly wait for Jo Jung Suk's highly anticipated return to the big screen in the upcoming comedy film "Pilot." This marks the beloved "Hospital Playlist" actor's first major film in five years, promising an exciting new role for his fans. Here is everything about the upcoming movie Pilot, including the story, casts, preview, spoilers, posters, trailers, and release date.

Plot and Cast of Pilot

"Pilot" revolves around the story of Han Jung Woo, a star pilot who unexpectedly loses his job. Facing a series of setbacks, including divorce and unsuccessful job hunts, Jung Woo decides to embark on a daring new path by assuming the identity of his younger sister, Jung Mi. With the help of his sister, a beauty YouTuber played by Han Sun Hwa, Jung Woo transforms into Jung Mi and dives into a new career.

Pilot poster. Asian Wiki

Trailer and Preview

The recently released trailer gives a glimpse into Jung Woo's transformative journey into Jung Mi. Viewers can catch a sneak peek of Jung Woo navigating life as a woman, complete with wig adjustments and makeup sessions. The trailer hints at the challenges Jung Mi faces after this unconventional choice, teasing viewers with the promise of laughter and unexpected turns.

Release Date and Reception

Directed by Lee Joo Myung and featuring Shin Seung Ho in a supporting role, "Pilot" is set to premiere in South Korean cinemas on Wednesday, July 31. Audiences and fans alike are eagerly awaiting the comedic prowess of Jo Jung Suk and the refreshing storyline brought by the film.

Stay Updated on "Pilot"

For the latest updates, trailers, posters, and more on "Pilot," stay tuned. Don't miss out on this comedic gem that promises to entertain and surprise viewers with its unique storyline and talented cast.

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