Ex-Running Man member Gary Kang posts first photo with newborn son: Check it out here

On November 17, Ex-Running Man member Gary Kang announced he had become a father to a baby boy.

It is an exciting time for rapper and Ex-Running Man member Gary Kang. He got married to a no-celebrity woman on April 5 this year. Her identity is still a mystery. Then on November 17, he announced he had become a father to a baby boy. Now, Gary has also revealed a heart-warming photo of him with his little boy.

As noted by website Allkpop, on November 29, Gary Kang changed his previous Instagram profile picture with a new one, showing him holding his baby boy. Not much can be made out of the original image, which is quite dark. Things become a bit clear when the image is brightened up.

Gary Kang holding his baby boy
Gary Kang holding his baby boy instagram.com/halyang_kanggary

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Gary is seen lovingly gazing at his son, who seems awake. The excited father might be trying to start a conversation of sorts with the little fellow. He could also be trying to cheer him up or calm him, especially if he has become agitated due to some reason.

Following his departure from 'Running Man,' Gary has maintained an incredibly low profile. When Gary announced his sudden marriage on April 5, many close acquaintances and friends, including the 'Running man' members, were shocked. Song Ji-hyo, who was paired with Gary as the 'Monday Couple' on the SBS variety show, had said she couldn't contact Gary and asked him to call her.

Then, on October 11, he released a surprise single track titled 'Concern.' There was no prior announcement. The song was reportedly aimed at listeners; asking them to relax in life and not worry too much. The song was also said to contain lyrics about Gary's wife; about expressing affection towards one's spouse. There were also rumours that Gary was unhappy in his marriage.

On November 17, Gary shocked everyone again by announcing the birth of his baby boy. He had posted a photo of two tiny feet poking through a white sheet, with a white towel underneath. He had captioned the photo with the words, "Gary junior." He took down the photo, shortly.

We send our heartiest congratulations to Gary Kang, his wife, their newborn son and family members and pray they remain safe and happy, always. We also hope to hear more from Gary in the future.