Philippines Drug Enforement Agency recaptures Korean-American 'ecstacy' trader

Ecstasy pill is a stimulant drug that can cause unreasonable hallucinations to users and can cause serious health issues.

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Ecstasy pills, which contain MDMA as their main chemical, are pictured in this undated handout photo courtesy of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Reuters

The Philippines Drug Enforement Agency (PDEA), in collaboration with the National Bureau of Investigation, Philippines National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines recaptured a Korean-American "ecstasy" trader who earlier became fugitive after escaping authorities at the East Avenue Medical Center.

The arrested drug trader was identified as Jun No, and he was allegedly involved in illegal trading of ecstasy pill, which is a stimulant drug that can cause unreasonable hallucinations to users and can cause serious health issues. During the arrest last Friday, PDEA agents found in his possessions 140 tablets of ecstasy.

No was earlier arrested on 5 April in a Pasay City mall carpark during an entrapment operation. He earlier requested to be treated at East Medical Center under the watch of police officers Michael Macarubbo and Ernie Eugenio in April 15 but later escaped and was reportedly moving from one city to another.

Police officers Macarrubo and Eugenio are facing administrative and criminal charges for neglecting their responsibility in securing No.

The NBI reported that No has been transferring residences in Manila, Paranaque and Makati City from April 18 to 22. The Investigation agency also noted he flew to Cebu in the Visayas region and move to different hotels from April 29 to May 26.

No was also using the name Minsoo Choi. On two occasions he alluded arrest when NBI agents attempted to chase him once in Cebu and the another time in a computer shop in Zamboanga.

The suspect is under the custody of NBI and is waiting for a court order for the hearing of his cases.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has launched a massive campaign to arrest illegal drug traders and users in the country. He was accused by his critics who held him responsible for at least 4,000 extra judicial killing cases of alleged drug users and peddlers. The extra judicial killings were allegedly committed by vigilante s riding in tandem motorcycles, who were deployed all throughout the Philippines, still unknown, masterminds.