Philippines: Boxer Pacquiao thanks soldiers for keeping Mindanao safe

Pacquiao was joined by President Rodrigo Duterte and both addressed 200 soldiers in Mindanao.

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Manny Pacquiao Reuters

Fresh from his recent boxing fight in Brisbane, Australia on July 2, Eight-Division world title holder and Philippine senator, Manny Pacquiao, visited a military camp with 200 soldiers in Mindanao's Saranggani province to boost their confidence in fighting terror in the region.

Pacquiao was joined by President Rodrigo Duterte who also promised the soldiers that his administration will be buying guns for them.

Pacquiao expressed his gratitude to soldiers for keeping Mindanao safe while he reminded them not to worry about his recent defeat because there will be a rematch with new WBO welterweight champion, Australian native, Jeff Horn.

Horn defeated Pacquiao during their controversial match on 2 July when judges ruled the former was the winner despite boxing analysts claim that the latter should have won the fight because of the higher number of punches delivered.

Pacquiao also lambasted the referee for not deducting a point from Horn despite the repeated dirty tactics allegedly deployed by Horn.

During their military camp visit, Duterte and Pacquiao also witnessed the simple turnover ceremony of firearms recovered from a terrorist's camp in Mindanao after soldiers of the 102nd Army brigade engaged a firefight against them.

In his speech, Duterte also poked a joke on Pacquiao referring his match with Horn that there's a time for everything and there will be a time when he will be victorious.