You cannot dictate me: Philippine rebel leader dares Rodrigo Duterte

CPP Founding leader, Jose Maria Sison, asked President Rodrigo Duterte to not dictate him.

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The founding leader of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the party that is supporting the New People's Army (NPA) rebels, warned that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte cannot dictate him while remaining a puppet of imperialism himself.

CPP Founding leader, Jose Maria Sison, said that if necessary he is willing to return to the Philippines to fight Duterte's puppet regime of US imperialism. Earlier, the president challenged Sison to return back to the country from Netherlands and fight the Philippine security forces.

Sison took to Facebook to post a challenging statement: "I choose the battlefield where I fight and the types of battles that I wage.

Duterte said, "I dare you as a leader of the communist rebels to return to the Philippines and fight your war here and if you want we can fight one on one."

But Sison said that he surpassed the record of many military officers in the Philippines who fought in battles and retired at the age of 56.

Sison, who is on his late 70s, also told Philippine journalists that the 72-year-old president should stop projecting a "macho image" and instead should focus on the peace talks with communist leaders.

Sison also said that Duterte's peace panel should negotiate seriously with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines particularly on how to promote lasting peace for the Filipinos.

However, Duterte declared that he is no longer willing to talk to the communists as the NPA rebels continue to ambushed many soldiers, police officers and his personal body guards.

The Philippine government peace panel suspended the 5th round of peace talks when rebels ambushed the presidential security group armoured car this month.